Roku Remote Not Working? This Is How You Can

If the batteries are low however not empty, the power of the beam could also be enough to succeed in the box. Point the distant on the Roku box and press buttons. If the standing mild flashes as the box sees the infrared commands, then your remote is functioning and the difficulty is with the field. If the status gentle doesn’t flash, then the difficulty is with the distant. The stick is behind the TV case which likely has metal blocking the remotes radio signal. Often occurs with stick and wifi signal.

  • This Roku troubleshooting guide will assist you to repair some of the widespread issues associated with both Roku streaming gamers and Roku remotes.
  • Press and hold the reset button that you can find at the bottom of the battery compartment for 3-5 seconds.
  • Now you shall see the lights begin to flash which suggests pairing has been initiated.
  • You will need to remove the battery compartment cover and unplug your Roku player.

If your system overheats, immediately flip it off, unplug the facility and disconnect all cables. Wait no less than ten minutes before reconnecting it and powering it again up. If you see the stable purple gentle or warning message once more, repeat this course of. If it still occurs, you need to contact Roku as it could indicate a more serious problem along with your system. If your Roku system sits on top of other gear or is located in a poorly ventilated space, it could possibly overheat.

Troubleshooting Roku

On Roku gamers, most have both wired and wireless choices. Streaming sticks solely have wireless community connectivity. For you to access hundreds of applications on your tv display, your streaming gadget must have a stable web connection.

why is my roku remote not working

EPA gadgets are more superior as a result of they allow you to make instructions to your streaming player anywhere. There are many the reason why your controller would flash. Regardless of the distant you could have, these two lights could either mean useless batteries or blocked indicators.

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